Always show artwork when sharing links

Christian Rauh

When sharing an artwork link, the artwork should be used as preview (instead of Botto app splash/info). Would really help discussions in the curation channel to just drop a link.

Example url: app.botto.com/vote/1628582766

There should really just be one canonical url for each fragment.


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Christian Rauh

I'm surprised Meteor is still around. :-) Jk aside. I'm def not knowledgeable on it but this is quite standard behavior, it must be supported.

Did a quick search and looks like this is the example case for the "Getting data from the request" docs:

"In some cases you want to customize meta tags or something else in your response based in the requested URL, for example, if your are loading a page with a specific product in your app maybe you want to include an image and a description for social previews."




I believe this is an issue with Meteor. I agree with this although I'm not sure how straightforward it is to implement - the quick workaround was generating links on a 'mirror' subdomain, i.e. share.botto.com/fragmentID