[Discord] Show thumbs that received the most VP


When you submit your votes, the last 4 pieces that you have voted on are shown as thumbs in the #votes channel.

But you may decide to spend more VP on some specific pieces, and less on others. For example: I spend 10 VP on every piece that is shown to me, but I spend 100 VP on pieces that really stand out.

It would be nice if the pieces that received the most VP are shown in the Discord channel. If all pieces received the same amount of VP, then just fallback to the last 4 pieces.


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I'm liking this. IIRC we have a private API that passes on this data and VP as a datapoint is already there, so it's a case of finding a way to accommodate its design. Do you have some kind of mockup or basic design (could use mspaint, doesn't have to look pretty)



I think the design does not need to be changed (much). It's simply a matter of showing the "right" pieces.

It basically comes down to sorting the pieces. First we sort them on amount of VP received, and then we sort again on order of voting (the ones that were voted on last are shown first). Then after sorting them, we show the first 4 pieces from the sorted list in the #votes channel.

We could change the max amount of thumbs that are shown. Maybe change it to 8, showing two rows of 4 pieces. We should be careful with this though. Don't want to clutter up the #votes channel too much.

Additionaly we could number the thumbs, like I do in the mockup. Or depending on the amount of thumbs shown, we could do something different like:
- 1st piece = Diamond border
- 2nd piece = Gold border
- 3rd piece = Silver border
- 4th piece = Bronze border